About Me

20160203_120648000_iOSHi there,

I’m Jazmine Martin, a niche blogger, a photographer, and avid convention crawler. My work has appeared on Launch DFW and Nurdmedia. I have also contributed to the first digital edition of  FANS Pop Culture Resource for Educators, Librarians, Parents and Fans.  I am also  working on my film credits for a future role in post-production video editing.

I have too many hobbies to list, but my main interest include binge watching all genres of anime and getting creative with my hands while streaming on my Twitch Channel.

I started Geeky Nomadic because I think more people should see what goes into a convention from a volunteer perspective and how to get involved in their local scene.  It’s also home to my advice for joining Con Staff, How to create a panel for con, my many fandom interests, How to get into said hobby or hobbies and many personal thoughts floating around.

Here’s where you can find more examples of my freelance work via Contently .

Feel free to contact me at Geeky.nomadic@gmail.com with further details of projects you may have in mind.