Panelist 101 Series: Part 1


Panelist 101: Part 1, Forge Thy Panel

If you’re like the average con crawler, I’m assuming you are if you found this blog, you probably have entertained the idea of becoming a panelist.

May be you saw a Character Q&A panel and thought, ” I could totally do this better”.

Or was it that one “How to jumpstart your Career” panel that peeked your interest?

Then let me tell you now, planning is half the battle. Actually pulling off a great panel or workshop, is a whole other animal. I would love to show you how to tackle this in a 3 part post of Panelist 101 series.

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It’s not uncommon these days to see some form of fandom mashed to the tune of a charity.

What do I mean? Well, I’m sure you’ve seen many a “Cosplay for a Cause” articles.

Fandoms are a wonderful way to find common ground within your community to help rally others for a local cause. From Heroic Inner Kids to Extra Life to the famous, The 501st Legion. You don’t have to be a big name organization to help out your local cause, so long as you are starting with a solid idea. Continue reading “Fandoms+Charities”