Volunteerism+The Fear of Being First

So, why is volunteerism even a thing for this geek blog?

It’s something close to my heart that I think needs a little more light shined down every now and then.

Especially in the convention scene.

“Being first” ,falls right up there with the top fears of anyone, really: Public Speaking.

At one point or another, you may have found yourself in a group project. You didn’t pick these team members, you have no interest in getting to know anyone, but you do know something has to be done in a short amount of time.

But, no one wants to step in the leader role.

But, no one wants to suggest an idea.

Because, if you suggest an idea and it doesn’t work then you are one to blame.

Because you took the initiative and acted….But, it didn’t work out, so you can’t be trusted.

Double edged swords are hard to wield, but can be mastered with the right attitude, some fancy footwork, and the passion/drive to do better; To be better.

I like to think of being first in same terms as making that perfect pie when you have absolutely no cooking skills what’s so ever. So, what do you do?

Well, first you look up the recipe for that particular pie. Then, if you’re brave enough, you gather the materials for said pie. But, of course, you want to ask if anyone else has made this perfect pie before and take notes to achieve it. Finally, you make the pie and hope you did everything right….Only to find out, you forgot something.

A piece of fruit or you didn’t use the right crust for that flaky, golden texture. What do you do now? Do you give up? Or do you try again, but tweak a few things here and there?

The second time, it’s a little better.

The third was nicer looking, but still not quit right.

The eighth time was close, but still missing something.

By the time you reach what seems like the billionth pie, you’ve perfected the technique for this perfect, majestic pie. You cut a slice for yourself and one other special someone to try.

It tastes good, it looks great, but you look at the other person and their face says….


Do you try again?

My father use to tell me, back when I was struggling with subjects in school and came crying to him for help, he would say this:

” The worst thing you can do in this world is stop trying. Because progress is only with what you did; Not what you didn’t do.”

So, what will you do being first? Will you just stop trying?


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